Eco Natural by YORK - NEW BRAND

Ecology is not the fashion, that YORK brand wants to follow. It’s international megatrend, that starts to play important role in consumers’ behaviour as well as in companies activities.

YORK brand acts in the aim as the „partnership” is. Enoviromental aspects are extremely important in our everyday activity. „Being a partner in cleaning” is our mission. Partnership launches itself with social responsibility. And the social responsibility is our care for the our enviroment, natural resources for us and future generations. ECO is now the way of life to make its quality better.

Keystone during planning, creating and habituating ECO NATURAL BY YORK branded products was the matter of usage renewable raw materials obtained from retrieval and social responsibility aspects, us as a manufactutrer in terms of enviroment protecting matter.

Global enviromental crisis shows that there’s a need to change the way of thinking, including the everyday usage products and get to the point how much of these are unnecessary. It’s time to finish with throwing out products that can be recycled, like plastic and steel. The rescue is to start segregation of the litters that we produce and reusage of it.                                       

Another important element tightly connected with recycling are renewable raw materials sources. We’ve decided for bamboo and cotton. The bamboo cultivating doesn’t require usage of pesticides and chemicals. Bamboo has antibacteria features – its fibers have natural substance, which protects plants from fungus and bacteria spreading. Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable plant resource on Earth – some of the bamboo varieties grows 4cm per hour. Since ages is being used by half Earth population. Bamboo pays great role in reducing the usage of wood and protects the forrest. We can call it the fastest growing umbrella of the mother Earth.  

YORK wish to act as typical future company and thanks to this live in simbiosis with nature. We want to educate our consumers, by having an impact on their ecological conciousness and by encouriging to use products produced from eco raw materials with eco technology. ECO NATURAL BY YORK brand is as the same time a reply for the educated consumer request.

There’s 14 products signed under new brand used in everyday chores. We plan to expand the new York brand.

„Cleaning my interiors is the way for pleasant interior, not the aim itself. I’m cleaning, because I feel responsible for my home and family, so I’m looking for fuctional, great quality products, that will support me. ECO NATURAL BY YORK             products support in maintaining the interiors clean. Easy in usage, thanks to what cleaning does not require a lot of effort, and what’s moste important they were made of ecological raw materials. As the effect – I’ve got clean interior, that I feel good and I live in symbiosis with nature

I choose ECO NATURAL BY YORK, because I care for natural enviroment. Future of our planet is also in our hands!”




Eco Natural by YORK - NEW BRAND

Ecology is not the fashion, that YORK brand wants to follow. It’s international mega...

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